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Roger Vivier, Ahead of the Curve

Designer Bruno Frisoni introduces the comma-shaped Virgule heel at Saks New York

Within the world of chic French shoes, there’s a new girl in town. She’s cool and irreverent, looks good in metallics and mink, and is at home on Rue St. Honore and Madison Avenue. Her name is Virgule, and she’s the latest design from Roger Vivier.

Literally meaning “comma”, the Virgule gives pause with a curvy, comma-shaped heel modeled after Monsieur Vivier’s original 1963 design. Luckily, the new look has enough je ne sais quoi to turn even the most seasoned style doyenne’s head, as designer Bruno Frisoni found when he introduced it at a benefit luncheon at Saks New York this week.

How did the original Virgule heel come into play when you created this latest design?
Frisoni: The Virgule is iconic. It’s a design from Roger Vivier himself that we reimagined with a newer, elongated silhouette. I was interpreting and reinventing a favorite from our archives.

Vivier shoes have always been linked to fashion icons like Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot & Tilda Swinton. Does anyone come to mind when you think of the Virgule?
Frisoni: I don’t want to exclude anyone, so really, anyone with a sense of fun and cool can wear this shoe. It’s designed for anyone with the attitude to wear it!

Is there a fantasy Vivier shoe not yet designed?
Frisoni: Well, there are so many points of inspiration. Obviously, new and fresh is the ideal, so my style is always evolving…

Roger Vivier shoes & handbags are available at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores.


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